Awards & Certificate

Since 20th April 2012 NASI KANDAR PELITA (M), has successfully obtained Sijil Halal for all its branches.

The Sijil Halal handing over ceremony for NASI KANDAR PELITA was held at NASI KANDAR PELITA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur on 27 April 2012. 

NASI KANDAR PELITA has been stressing since its establishment such aspects as 

1) Halal Food 
2) Cleanliness of premises 
3) Tastiness of Food 
4) Customer Friendly Services 

NASI KANDAR PELITA will try best to provide its best for its loyal customers


Nasi Kandar Pelita received Malaysian Book of Records award and JAKIM Halal certificate for all branches